GMT 114: Getting Started with Geotargeting

On this episode, we explore the world of geotargeting, and how marketers can use it to create more personalized online experiences.

In 2015 Kyle Pucko left his job as the digital marketing manager at the University of Montana to launch a software product with his co-founder and developer, Nick Shontz, called GeoFli. Today they’re a team of 4 and work with companies ranging from the University of Oregon to one of the largest RV dealers in the country.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is geotargeting
  • How can geotargeting help you deliver more personalized experiences
  • Which marketing tools does Kyle use
  • And much more!

Tools and resources mentioned in this episode:

Connect with Kyle:

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Growth Marketing Toolbox is a weekly podcast by Nicholas Scalice exploring the best growth marketing tools and technology. You’ll hear candid interviews with the folks who make, market, and use these marketing tools.

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