GMT 002: List Building and Product Creation Tools

Corey Ferreira joins me as the very first interview guest on Inbound Unboxed! We chat about list building and product creation tools, how he landed a job as a content marketer at Shopify, upcoming projects he’s working on at, and more.

Two episodes in, and I’ve already landed a great interview! That’s right, the very first guest on Inbound Unboxed is Corey Ferreira, a passionate entrepreneur and content marketer at Shopify. You can check out Corey’s blog for online entrepreneurs at, where he talks about marketing, list building and product creation.

Corey got his start by taking what he learned as a top rated seller on Fiverr and developing it into an ebook. He bascially gives his readers a blueprint for how to use Fiverr and how he was able to make $4000 a month, working only 8 total hours a week.
Later on, Corey began blogging at, where he helps entrepreneurs create awesome stuff online.

His success allowed him to land an awesome job as a content marketer at Shopify. The story of how he got this gig is covered in this episode, so don’t miss it.

We also dive into the tools Corey uses to maintain his website, grow his email list, and more.

Full show notes will be available soon!

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